Serious reservations on the Gozo Museum Design Contest

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The Kamra tal-Periti has serious reservations on the Gozo Museum Design Contest, launched on March 4, 2016. Whilst supporting the idea of architectural design competitions, KTP has written twice to the organisers to express its concerns about some of the terms of this competition including the time frames, the composition of the jury, the composition of the Integrated Design Team, the award criteria, and the violation of local legislation on the copyright of intellectual property. If the Kamra had been consulted during the preparation of the competition, it would also have been able to contribute, by promoting the best practice for the holding of architectural design competitions, as recommended by the Architects’ Council of Europe. After the first letter, the unfeasible time-frames were adjusted, however the other concerns of the Kamra remained unaddressed. In view of this, the Kamra cannot endorse this competition and has declined to be represented on the jury.

KTP Letter dated March 21, 2016

KTP Letter dated April 6, 2016