The Kamra tal-Periti is a member of several professional bodies, both in specific spheres of competence or in generic professional activities including both the local and international scenes. It also has representatives in several organisations.

On the local scene the KTP is a member of:

MFPA – Malta Federation of Professional Associations (of which it is a founder member) which encompasses a large selection of local professional bodies who share the facility and utility of one common building and secretariat.

BICC – Building Industry Consultative Council; an organisation dedicated to the advancement of the buildng industry and includes such key players the Federation of Industry, Contractors, Estate Agents, the General Retailer & Trader Union, the Malta Environment & Planning Authority.


On the international scene, KTP is a paid-up member of:

UIA – the Union Internationale des Architectes The International Union of Architects is the body that groups together the architectural professionals of all the world. From its headquarters in Paris, besides organizing Conferences, competitions, congeressesetc, it is constantly embarking on initiatives to promote a high standard of professionalism whilst also seeking new ways of involving Architects in the shaping of tomorrow’s world in whatever region, climate, or standard of living that is present in every area of the globe. Malta is a long standing member of UIA and of its Region 1 committee;


ACE – Architects Council Of Europe Malta has only recently been accepted as a member following a period of observer status. As this is the sole official representative of the Profession for all the new EU, it is an essential body to be a member of.

UMAR – Union of Mediterranean Architects (founder member) Just celebrating its 10th anniversary since its foundation in 1994 in Morrocco, this association’s objective is to foster the growth of an awareness and an enrichment of a Mediterranean culture. It groups architects from 17 countries in the Mediterranean basin. Presently, Malta’s first delegate, Perit David Pace, has been appointed Seceretary General of UMAR.


CAA – Commonwealth Association of Architects (founder member) For the promulgation of the Commonwealth principles and the bridging between cultures. Malta is a member of the Europe region.




KTP has working relationships with the following organisations :

RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects and their local branch with whom a seminar on Safety was organised.

TEGOVA – the European Group of Valuers Association, (Observer Status) Established in 1977 and with whose collaboration KTP is presently organising the CPD courses in modern methods of Valuations.

SACES – the Society of Architecture & Civil Engineering Students (Malta), who are given an observer status on the KTP Council who patronises their workshops, seminars and exhibitions.



The Kamra tal Periti has members specifically appointed to several Boards and agencies that have a prime role in the formation, control and promotion of the profession and in fields of the national interests regarding the built environment. Amongst them, there are:

1. The Warranting Board
As established in Art 6.1 (c), there shall be 2 members appointed by the Kamra on the Bord tal Warrant tal Periti, from a total of six plus Chairman, presently (2005) Periti Lawrence Mintoff and Paul Camilleri

2. BICC – Building Industry Consultative Council
KTP is one of the seven members of this Council whose mission statement is to ensure the betterment of the building trade in all manners possible through the active participation of all the key players. KTP therefore has one representative on this Council ; presently (2004) Perit David Pace.

3. PCC – Public Consultative Committee (MEPA)
This body encompasses all the NGOs with an interest in the development of the Planning system and Structure Plan of the Maltese Islands and is empowered by Law in Section 12 of the Act to advise Government on any development plan or planning policy. KTP has one representative, presently (2004) Perit Andrew Ellul.

4. MEPA Users’ Committee
As established in Section 17A of the Planning Act, the Users’ Committee is established to supervise the general functioning of the Authority to ensure expedition, transparency, and uniformity of its decisions and actions. KTP is one of the seven NGOs grouped up in it and its representative (2004) is Perit Tony Fenech Vella

5. General Services Board
The General Services Board is appointed by the Minister on a yearly basis and is set up in terms of Article 44 Section 10 of the Department of Health Constitution Ordinance (Cap 94). Its function is to determine public health issues referred to it in terms of the Code of Police Laws Chapter 10. The present ( 2004) KTP representative is Perit Alan Saliba.

6. Malta Standards Authority
The Standardization Directorate, set up under the Malta Standards Authority (MSA) Act 2000, aims to improve the quality of goods and services, of life, safety, health and the protection of the environment, the efficient use of resources and regional and international trade. KTP is represented through its delegate (presently Perit Nicky Samut Tagliaferro) to the Malta Federation of Professional Associations.

7. Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Although presently this role is being taken up by Council, members of KTP have been assigned from time to time leading roles in the groups formulating specific parts of the BR.

8. NCSD National Consultation for Sustainable Development
Presently KTP is represented here by Perit Dr. Vincent Buhagiar