Standing Committees

KTP has set up nine standing committees to deal with different aspects of the work of the Kamra. In accordance with the bye-laws, the role of the Standing Committees is:

  • To discuss matters referred to it by the Council, the President and/or the Chairperson of the Standing Committee.
  • To make recommendations for eventual decision by the Council
  • To take action on matters related to that field of work within the parameters as set out by the Council.


The Standing Commitees which have been set up for 2009 are the following;

Architecture Centre Work Group Co-ordinator: Vince Cassar
Built Environment Standing Committee Chairpersons:Jacques Borg Barthet; Philip Grech
Communications & Events Standing Committee Chairperson: Danica Mifsud
Education Standing Committee Chairperson: Keith Cole; Ruben Paul Borg
Ethics Standing Committee Chairperson: Vince Cassar
International Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson: Anthony Fenech Vella
Professional Practice Standing Committee Chairperson: Damian Vella Lenicker